Turn-Key Customer Rebate Promotions


Simple engagement solutions to keep them coming back

Customer rebates can be a great way to build business. But when your rebate program is time-consuming and frustrating for your customer, it becomes a barrier to sales. 


TheAwardZone streamlines and simplifies your B2B customer rebate programs with TheAdminDepot.

TheAdminDepot is a powerful platform that simplifies B2B customer rebate programs for both your customers and for you. It’s mobile responsive and designed to work with any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones, so your customer can use it anyplace, anytime.

It’s simple to set-up and is flexible enough to allow your participants to even send a photo of a receipt from their smartphone to validate their purchase. TheAdminDepot offers:

• Fast rebate set-up

• Automated Processing

• Automated Exception Reporting

• Range of rebate options including:

- Prepaid Debit Cards
- Free Product
- Coupons