Open doors to employee engagement.


Recognize and Reward their Talents to Kindle Greater Engagement

A Gallup survey shows only 32% of American employees are engaged at work. That means almost 7 out of 10 of your people are either just going through the motions each day or worse yet are actively disengaged. But, the very best organizations know people are their greatest asset, and they work hard to actively engage their people day in and day out.


Why? It’s simple. Companies with more engaged employees:

• Outperform those with less engaged employees by 202%*

• Experienced 147% higher EPS compared with their competition**

In 2014, Gallup compared company results based on engagement levels for the top 25% of their survey database to the bottom 25% and found some dramatic differences. The more engaged groups showed:

• 22% higher profitability
• 21% higher productivity
• 10% higher customer ratings
• 41% lower quality defects
• 48% less safety incidents
• 37% in absenteeism
• 28% in shrinkage

*Source: Dale Carnegie
**Source: Gallup

TheAwardZone can help you create an employee engagement program to recognize your employees, increase employee satisfaction, improve safety and increase productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.