Direct Sales

Open their minds to new possibilities.


Inspire your sales force to move beyond their safe zone

Your direct sales force is mission critical to growth. But it’s easy for a sales force to get comfortable, stay in their safe zone and avoid taking risk. But staying inside a comfort zone is a recipe for disaster for any company.

You need inspired sales people who are aligned with your goals, think outside the box and are tireless advocates for your brand.


Comfortable sales people…

• Don’t make that extra call each day

• Wait for others to sell your new product first

• Only visit with customers they already know

• Avoid asking too many questions

• Never stretch beyond their own comfort zone


Inspired sales people…

• Have boundless energy

• Understand why customers need your new product

• Anxiously tell new prospects of your offerings

• Are curious and look to help customers

• Fearlessly push the envelope

The right incentive solution can help inspire your sales force by:

  • Aligning their individual goals with your corporate objectives

  • Engaging them and encouraging them to set stretching performance goals

  • Encouraging continued performance with motivating rewards for stretch performance

TheAwardZone can help you with the right sales incentive program to open your sales force to a whole new world of possibilities with the right combination of communications, training reinforcement, progress reporting and the broadest award selection available today to engage everyone in your sales force.